Introducing the LearnPad Family...

The LearnPad family has grown! Now there are three great devices to choose from, to suit all needs and budgets. Take a closer look at the Octavo 8", Quarto 9.7" and the Folio 13.3" and find out why LearnPad is consistently winning top industry awards for its design, innovation, value for money and its educational benefits.

LearnPad Quarto - £199

LearnPad Quarto is our latest generation, award winning 9.7" tablet. It’s fast, light and runs for over 8 hours. LearnPad won the 2012 ERA award for best Primary ICT resource and the prestigious 2013 BETT Digital Devices award. It has been a hugely popular tablet with schools and is the ideal solution for classroom use.

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LearnPad Quarto

LearnPad Octavo - £149

LearnPad Octavo is a brand new 8" tablet device. It’s highly portable, yet its vibrant 8" IPS display provides enough screen space to work comfortably with websites and digital content. It is the ideal size eBook reader, with it’s 4:3 aspect ratio screen giving excellent viewing of text in either portrait or landscape modes. LearnPad Octavo has been shortlisted for the 2013 ERA Award for best Secondary ICT resource and is highly affordable at just £149.

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LearnPad Octavo

LearnPad Folio - £299

LearnPad Folio is our biggest tablet, with a whopping 13.3" multitouch capacitive screen. It’s big, bold and beautiful, providing enough space for collaborative student learning or a great engaging experience with activities and websites. It is a great front of class digital resource for the teacher, and is particularly suited to special needs students, being shortlisted for the 2013 ERA award for best SEN ICT resource.

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LearnPad Folio


LearnPadConnect™ is a web based management portal that allows classroom teachers to easily control multiple LearnPads.

Remotely suspend or lock devices, view and display LearnPad screens, send new activities and profiles, and communicate with students - all from a single webpage.

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LearnPad Primary

ClassView - £499

ClassView is a unique way to interact with students. You can connect directly to any LearnPad and view or control the device, even display it on the whiteboard at the front of class.

You can monitor LearnPads from any PC, Mac, laptop or tablet, to ensure students are focused on the task you have set. You can also connect to remote LearnPads outside of the classroom, such as students in study groups in the library.

ClassView ensures all students are on-task and facilitates the presentation and sharing of their work in the classroom.

LearnPad Primary