LearnPad for Primary Education

Early Years & Infants

LearnPad allows a whole new area of engagement for very young children, even from the age of two. LearnPad's intuitive and secure user interface and touch screen means young children, previously unable to interact with PCs and content, can easily work with engaging content such as colour recognition, shapes and patterns, nursery rhymes and 'read-to-me' stories and animations. Additionally, using LearnPad at such an early age allows children to familiarise themselves with touch sensitive devices and technology, which will undoubtedly be a part of their future lives.

LearnPad Primary
LearnPad Pentre Bach

Foundation, KS1 & KS2

LearnPad is ideally suited to use in the Foundation & Key Stage 1 curriculum. Foundation children can take their first steps with phonics and numeracy in an engaging and intuitive way, even practice forming and drawing letters. They can learn more about design and creativity with colours, puzzles and drawings and learn about music and sounds with 'virtual instruments'. Key Stage 1 learners can practise basic reading and maths skills with high quality, easy to use applications. They can learn to read, spell and form sentences correctly as well as undertaking further maths skills such as times tables and fractions. Additional advanced applications focus on creative thinking, knowledge of the world and ICT with puzzle and problem solving, languages, reference books and modelling & simulation activities.

Phonics & Literacy

There are a range of activities and applications designed specifically for the development of phonics and literacy, from well known publishers such as Yellow Door and Sherston Software . Engage young learners with letter recognition, introductions to phonics, interactive reading activities and grammar and spelling applications.

Letters Phonics Come Alive Phonics ABCs Izzys Stories
ABC Letters
Cloud Tables

Maths & Numeracy

Maths and numeracy content includes introduction to numbers, number recognition, counting and basic maths for foundation and KS1 stage, moving on to times tables, problem solving and decimal fractions. There are also activities to introduce children to the concept of money and using coins for simple maths problems. Additional content is available for more advanced KS2 maths.

Simple Maths Coop Fractions Percy Parker 123 Maths Cloud Tables

Science & Nature

Content for the Science & Nature category includes activities to understand a range of life processes, including plant and animal growth, food and nutrition, as well basic human anatomy. Conduct a range of virtual experiments including understanding physical properties and states as well as electricity and magnetism. Learn about forces and motion and light and energy, all without the need for a lab!

Magic Bean Bag Science Express Polka Dot Path
Science Express
Charlie Chimp

World Around Us

Develop student's life skills in the 'World Around Us' category, with content suitable for PSHE, Citizenship and KUW teaching. Learn about getting dressed, people who help us, religions, culture and different countries, maps and directions, using technology and a range of other exciting life activities and basic skills. Learn about historic events and the world in which we live.

Faith & Celebrations Rainbow Street Pentre Bach Magic Grandad

Design & Creativity

Engage like never before with a whole range of creative applications. Learn all about colours shapes and patterns, create your own drawings and pictures and print them out. Specific applications include connect the dots and shape puzzles, colouring in templates, a camera to take photos and videos as well as matching patterns and shapes to everyday items. Draw on the screen and use different digtial media, such as pencils, spray cans, paint and crayons to help build confidence and develop creativity.

Connect the Dots Colours Shapes Painting

Music & Video

LearnPad is the ideal device to deliver music and video to students. Make and listen to music with a range of 'virtual' instruments such as a piano, drums and xylophone, watch HD interactive videos with the video player or stream and play audio files, listen to and interact with nursery rhymes and learn to recognise musical notes with sound recognition applications.

Blob Chorus Piano Nursery Rhyme Time Xylophone HD Video Player