LearnPad for SEN

Special Educational Needs

For Special Educational Needs, LearnPad truly unlocks new ways of engagement and learning. Many SEN activates are supported, including cause and effect, reactions & timings, memory, creativity and communication. In addition, LearnPad has specific accessories for SEN students, including protective cases and wheelchair mounts. SEN students can fully immerse themselves with LearnPad, providing a truly engaging experience whilst maintaining a safe and secure environment for them to access additional online content.

LearnPad SEN

Purpose Developed SEN Content

A range of content developed specifically for SEN students is available for LearnPad from a number of great publishers. This content is designed to help students develop key skills and address specific areas of inclusive teaching. Applications support cause & effect with tasks to activate animations and sound with a simple touch, memory games to improve cognitive function, time based activities to help reinforce reactions and simple light and sound based functions to provide sensory stimulation.

Alternative & Augmentative Communication

LearnPad offers a custom AAC Speech application, turning it into a powerful, low cost communicator. Using internationally recognised symbols from SymbolStix, AAC Speech is a text to speech symbol based communications application aimed at non verbal or speech impaired individuals. LearnPads AAC Speech application has a unique web based portal to allow the configuration of speech sets and speech boards. These can be applied to unique lessons and deployed to multiple LearnPads, providing a simple and effective way to manage different student requirements from one central location.

AAC Application